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Thursday 3/21/19: Monthy Meeting at Galellian Lutheran. Bird Behavior with Professional Animal Behaviorist, Andrea Bogle!

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We invite bird enthusiasts and pet owners of all levels to join us at a meeting.
Our meetings are always open to visitors. You and your companion bird are welcome to attend.
Discover when our next meeting is; click here for our club's calendar.
At our meetings you'll enjoy a variety of opportunities for you and your feathered friends to
become involved in the companion bird community, to network with members and make new friends,
and to learn more about making life better for you and your companion birds .
You can join Coastal Bend Companion Bird Club and Rescue Mission right now online.

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If you can't make it to our meetings but still want to help save a bird in need of a new home, we and the birds
always appreciate your support. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.
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MISSION STATEMENT: The Coastal Bend Companion Bird Club & Rescue Mission seeks to promote an interest in companion birds through communication with and education of pet owners, breeders and the general public. In addition, the CBCBC&RM strives to promote the welfare of all birds by providing monetary donations for the rescue and rehabilitation of wild birds and by placing abused, abandoned, lost or displaced companion birds in foster care until permanent adoptive homes can be found.